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ECG Celebrates 50years. +++ 50 Years of Powering the Socio-Economic Growth and Development of Ghana

The attention of the ECG has been drawn to a load shedding timetable purportedly drawn and issued to the general public by an unknown person(s). The ECG wishes to state categorically that it has not issued any such load shedding timetable since the national load shedding committee chaired by Ing. William Amuna- CEO of GRIDCo, has not advised ECG on any such schedule. The general public and all stakeholders are advised to ignore the supposed load shedding timetable currently in the public domain.


The Electricity Company of Ghana has taken note of various complaints from our customers and stakeholders regarding our meters and billing. The meters installed to bill and calculate customers’ consumption go through rigorous standardisation and calibration processes according to approved national and international procedures. ECG has a modern metering laboratory facility comparable to any in the world to test the meters to ensure they meet all the standards before installation.

The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited wishes to inform the general public that its attention has been drawn to the video circulating on social media about two technicians involved in an accident whilst working on electricity distribution network.

The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited wishes to inform its valued customers and the general public that, although we are working tirelessly to strengthen and maintain a robust distribution network, rainstorms and stormy winds may bring down electrical conductors or electrical wires to the ground, or may cause some of them to sag dangerously close to the ground, thereby causing power outages.



The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited wishes to bring to the notice of the general public that electricity distribution poles are being covered with posters, thus denying the Company’s customers access to vital information, inscribed in RED on these poles.  


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