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ECG has not been sold, it operates as an asset owner and has a license as a Bulk Energy Trader - Ing. Samuel Boakye-Appiah (MD, ECG)

Frequently Asked Questions on Meters

Meters are devices installed in the Customer’s premises to measure and record the amount of electricity supplied over a period of time.

As of now there are the two (2) kinds of meters installed in customers’ premises: the post-paid and pre–paid meters 

ECG Meters are and remain the bonafide property of the Company.

ECG Meters are strictly NOT FOR SALE.


In acquiring a service, the Customer pays an installation and maintenance fee and NOT the price of the Meter. Please insist on an official receipt for any payment made.

A Meter is issued for use in a specific location and is NEVER transferable to another point. Even a shift of the Meter’s position within the same premises must be approved and carried out by ECG.

Only Authorized representatives of the Company may conduct, relocate, remove or disconnect a Meter on the premises of a Customer.

Tampering with an ECG Meter is ILLEGAL, subject to arrest and prosecution.

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How many Meters are installed in ECG’s network?

Currently, ECG has about Three Million, Two Hundred and Seventy-One Thousand customer meters as at the first quarter of 2016. There are other meters installed for our operations.eg Bulk Supply Point(BSP) metering. 


Where are the meters in ECG manufactured?

A Majority of our meters is manufactured in Ghana, Singapore, India, and China.

Why are there so many types of meters in the system?

Meters vary in terms of source and functions but comply with a standard technical specification and this is due to technological advancement.

Why are some customers on prepayment and others on credit meters?

ECG has a policy guiding the deployment of prepayment meters and credit meters.

They are generally based on location and customer categorization. Eg. We are currently deploying prepaid meter to all student hostels, Tertiary and Government institutions, all regional and district capitals of ECG

If I have a credit meter, can I request it to be changed to a prepayment meter?

Yes, if the deployment is in your area.

Is it legal for ECG to change my meter from credit meter to prepayment meter?

Yes. The replacement is based on company policy and the meter is the property of the company.

Is it possible as a prepaid customer to revert back to post paid?

No. The replacement is a policy and this leads to changes in our operations, e.g.. Meter reading in the prepaid areas is curtailed.

What is the procedure for a customer to acquire a meter?

Meters go with a service. The customer has to make a request for a service, by filling an application form at the customer service centre.

After that, the customer is notified via text or phone call for the day of the site inspection.
Based on the outcome of the inspection, a customer is either given a quotation to pay or asked to make changes to qualify for service.

After payment, a contractor is assigned to undertake that service for the customer.

How long would it take a customer to acquire a meter?

Meters go with a service. After service application has been reviewed and approved, and payment made by customer, it takes generally a week to get service.

If a pole has to be erected, it takes longer because this involves engineering studies.

Why do some meters run faster than others?

For the same amount of electricity consumed, our meters are calibrated to measure the same in a specified time.

It may appear that some meters blink or rotate faster than others for the same amount of electricity measured, however they will measure the same units within the same time. This is due to the difference in meter constants. Various meters have different meter constants (rev/kwh or imp/kwh). This can be found on the meter nameplate information. 

Can a meter be transferred from one place to the other?


A meter is issued for use in a specific location and should NEVER be transferred to another point. All our meters are geo-referenced for easy identification of customers and database collection. So movement from one place to other can result in data loss.

It also leaves room for illegalities.

What is the amount paid for a new service used for?

This is one-time payment for Installation (Labour) and Maintenance.

Most meter replacements are done at no cost to the customer unless the customer is found culpable of destroying the meter. 

What qualifies me for a separate meter?

Separate meters are installed for customers when the service does not require the drawing of a new service connection from the pole to the residence. The existing load on a parent meter is separated and a new meter installed to capture/measure that consumption.

  • There must be a parent meter
  • The Parent meter in the premises should consume more than 300kWh(units).
  • When the new request is different from the existing tariff class. For eg. From residential to commercial.

Who bears the cost for meter replacement?

Generally ECG replaces meters at no cost to the customer unless found culpable of destroying it.

When meters are being replaced, do customers lose credit on their meters at the time of replacement?

No. All available credit and debt are transferred to the customer’s new account when the old account is finally closed.

What's the difference between unit and credit?

Unit is electricity consumption in kWh and this depends on the gadgets used.


Credit is money deposited into meter to pay for future use of electricity.

What's the difference between unit and credit?

Unit is electricity consumption in kWh and this depends on the gadgets used.

Credit is money deposited into meter to pay for future use of electricity.

Do prepaid meters run faster than credit meters?

Prepaid meters do not run faster than credit meters. All meters measure the same amount of electricity in a specified time.

My credit meter was replaced to the new prepayment meter and there has been a huge jump in my electricity cost. The new meter runs faster than the old one. Why is this so?

Prepayment and credit meters have the same accuracy level. The credit meter could be faulty or customer usage of electricity has gone up since the curtailment of the load shedding exercise

Do I always have to buy prepaid credit on the first day of the month?

No. You can buy anytime in the month. The meter receives the money as a deposit for future use

Do I get more units or credit when I buy from ECG offices than buying from other private vending points?

No. Always check your receipt to confirm amount paid.

What happens if a meter is tampered with?

It affects the accuracy of the meter. Meter tempering is an offense with a punitive action. Meter will be replaced at the cost of the customer and then a penalty charge for energy lost will also be recovered before the service is regularized.


Does ECG re-calibrate its meters after installation?

Yes, but this is guided by a policy. For non-industrial meters, sampling is done every 5yrs. Based on sample size report, we either do full calibration of such meters or do another sampling in the next 5yrs. We have a policy to undertake meter testing for all reported suspected faulty meters.

Can any electrician reconnect your meter after a customer has gone to pay for the reconnection fee after disconnection?

No. This is the responsibility of ECG staff and we need to seal the meters and update our account on the status of the service. Failure to do that will implicate you for illegal connection during our next routine visit

What are the stages ECG meters go through before they get to a customer’s premises?

  1. Type test of all meter
  2. Pattern approval test from Ghana Standards Authority
  3. Factory acceptance test at the Manufacturer’s before they are shipped
  4. Meter acceptance test in ECG meter lab
  5. Meters are issued from the Head Office to region and then to district.
  6. And then assigned to third party contractors for installation 

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