Accra East ECG recoups GH¢9 million from power theft


The Revenue Protection Unit of the Accra East Region of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) Limited has recovered GH¢9,439,996.01 from customers engaged in illegal connection of power.

The amount represents penalties and surcharges leveled against customers who were caught using electricity without lawful authorization in 2019, and the money represents a 53 percent increase over the 2018 figure of GH¢6,168,151.45.

Those caught in the illegal act included; hotel operators, restaurants, manufacturing companies, cold stores, pubs, and other notable individuals.

Makola, Legon, Roman Ridge, Teshie, Kwabenya, Dodowa, and Mampong are areas recorded of power theft in the Accra East Region.

The Manager of the Revenue Protection Unit of the Accra East Region, Jonathan Asante, said the region detected and mainstreamed 4.11 gigawatts (GWh) of energy which the company would have lost in 2019, and that the energy recovered in gigawatts represents a significant leap in the revenue fortunes of the company.

He said, "The units retrieved in 2019 represent payments made to the company by defaulters which amounted to the sum of GH¢9,439,996.01 million and reflected a percentage increase of 53 from the 2018 figure of GH¢6,168,151.45 million."

He warned that it was a crime to steal power, stressing: customers who are caught in such acts will face the law and if culpable prosecuted.



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