ECG arrests 10 people over illegal power connection in Agona district

The Agona District branch of the Electricity Company of Ghana ECG, has arrested 10 people engaged in an illegal power connection into their houses, stores and shops.

According to the District Manager, the company had imposed a fine between GH¢1,000 and GH¢7,000 based on the quantum of power, they have consumed against their nefarious activities without authorisation.

Mr Samuel Adjei, Agona District Manager of ECG, disclosed this to newsmen in an interview at Agona Swedru on efforts being made by the company to reduce illegal connections and loss of revenue to the power supply company.

He warned people who were bent on making illegal connection installations to their houses, stores and other premises in a bid to cheat the company, to stop since the law will catch up with them when caught.

Mr Adjei said the national taskforce set up to track down illegal power connections will soon be in Agona District to check and arrest those who indulged in illegal connections to face the full rigorous of the law.

He said, “the ECG buys power from GRIDCO and distribute them to consumers, and it would not relent on its efforts to allow people to steal power and use them free for the company to incur loses.”

The Manager said the ECG had spent a totally of GH¢3 million to make extension works to improve power supply in the two administrative districts of Agona and Gomoa Central of the central region.

He disclosed that the beneficial communities were Agona Kwanyako, Gomoa Achiase and Gomoa Beseadze , adding that these huge investments made by the ECG was to assist to improve constant power supply to the consumers.

Mr Adjei said the ECG had engaged contractors to clear weeds and long trees, which disrupted the cables on the electricity poles curtailing regular power supply in the five administrative districts, directly under the Agona District to enhance efficient and effective power supply to cherished customers in the district.

He said the National taskforce of ECG from the head office would soon arrive in the Agona District comprising of, Agona District, Gomoa Central, Agona East, Awutu-Senya West and part of Gomoa East to audit all meters installed through illegal means in an attempt to run down the company.

The Manager noted that those who owed huge amounts to the ECG must settle their debts to avoid being disconnected.

Mr Adjei said the ECG had installed transformers at Swedru Mandela market area and other communities at Swedru to boost power supply to the consumers.

He said the ECG was poised to bring in more pre-paid meters to be installed at Swedru and it environs to avoid issues of non- payment of bills to enable the company to undertake more extension works to cover newly1rii2ti¹r developed ¹rj.

On the post-paid meters, Mr Adjei, appeal to the politicians who lobby for the meters in a quest to satisfy their people to channel it through the ECG to enable the company to capture the consumers into the billing system of the company.

The Manager said the staff of ECG were ever ready to assist with the installation of meters to help the company to meet it revenue target and improve constant power supply to the consumers.

Source: Ghanaweb

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