Power will be restored to Krobos if our safety is assured – ECG

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has assured that power will be restored soon to the Krobo enclave in the Eastern Region on conditions that peace will be maintained in the area.

The power distribution company said it is ready to resolve the power crisis facing the people of Lower Manya and Yilo Krobo Municipalities if the safety and security of their staff are assured.

Speaking on the Anopa Bofo morning show, the ECG’s Public Relations Officer of the Eastern Region, Sakyiwaa Mensah said the interference in their duties and attacks on their staff led to a cut in their power supply.

According to her every transformer has its loadshed therefore adding another loadshed to one improperly poses a risk to the customers because the probability of fire outbreaks is high.

“When it comes to the unauthorized entry into the system, one of our measures is that we provide safe electricity because it has to be safe.

“And as a safety precaution the moment we realise there is a challenge in the system that when we supply we might not know how the end recipient will get safe electricity, then we have to shut down for safety reasons,” she explained.

Having cited the precautions to the effect of incidents of fibre cuts and tampering with transformers, Madam Sakyiwaa disclosed that the ECG needs a serene working environment to return to the area.

“Only peace, I mean peace which will enable us to go to the field and work with the people is all we want so that we will not fear that someone will beat us, someone we pelt stones at us and that we will not fear any gunshots. It is all we are seeking and looking forward to.”

She further pointed out that although there are ongoing engagements with opinion leaders and stakeholders to solve the problem the safety of its staff and the customers must be paramount.

“We are hoping that as soon as possible the problem will be solved… because mind you, ECG operates 24/7 shift. Even as I speak, we already have people at the District Offices that if today we have the full assurance that we won’t be attacked when we go to the field, why not?” the ECG’s PRO told Kofi Adoma Nwawani.

She believes assurance from residents in both Yilo Krobo and Lower Maya Krobo will be key because that of the security agencies and stakeholders alone will not guarantee their safety.


Source: Ghanaweb

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